A Comparison Between Nike and Esprit Retail Outlet in Malaysia

Topics: Pricing, Retailing, Customer service Pages: 6 (2131 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Nikes retail strategy seems to be hinged on exceeding customer expectations for services as observed in their shop as they provided outstanding customer service fully utilized their customer service strategy. In their retail shop visited in Alamanda mall, Nike employed strategies like sharing product knowledge with customers, allowing the customer have a user experience of the product before purchase, maintaining superior store standards while contributing to a respectful, motivating, and fun atmosphere for all customers. Nike offers a lot of discounted prices on merchandise especially during festive periods in a bid to attract customers and offer value for products offered. STRATEGIC OVERVIEW OF ESPRIT, ALAMANDA

The ESPRIT shop at Alamanda employs a retail strategy of attracting customers with mannequin decoration of their exquisite clothing placed on display. Attractive prices are offered on the apparels sold with friendly shop attendants on hand to give product information and assist with purchase. Discounts are offered on certain items, with the customer given the choice of buying and choosing one free item from a selected section of the shop. Their strategy seemed to be hinged on offering quality services and creating value for their customers.

The shop is of medium size, with apparels, shoes and sporting gears arranged on shelves on the walls and some apparel displayed on mannequins. The store is designed in a friendly wooden brown colour , properly air conditioned and had about four friendly shop attendants waiting on hand to attend to the customer’s needs. Each section of the shop seemed to be divided to suit a particular target segment , with a kiddies section of Nike apparels displayed on the far right end of the shop while the apparels for adults at the far left and beginning of the shop. Nikes products were of high quality, with a description of the fabric used in making each apparel provided by the shop assistant, who also provided other information concerning the products and the athletes liked to the product giving the customer a sense of value in purchasing the product.

Esprit offers a tried and tested marketing concept, packaged in various ways for implementation as observed in its retail outlet at alamanda from a store front to a display unit, these systems use the interplay of architecture, display, visual merchandising and products to create a perfect projection of the Esprit brand image. Esprit have talented store assistants who seem to have an in depth understanding of the brand and uses it to utilise the power of a strong brand to increase sales and to boost the image. Apparels are displayed on mannequins, around shelves and standing hangers on all sections of the shop. With the vast array of apparels arranged on almost every section, they still managed to avoid cluster giving the shop a simple and friendly outlook. The apparels were placed in various sections with a specific target market in mind and they ranged from Women Casual – sporty and fashionable indoor and outdoor styles Men Casual – uncomplicated sportswear with a high wearing comfort Women Collection – high-quality, feminine business looks Men Collection – elegant, trend-oriented business fashion de.corp ESPRIT URBAN CASUAL – young, urban and feminine, addresses 18 to 25-year-old female customers who are in search of a casual, urban look Esprit Kids – current, child-oriented trends (0 to 7 years old) Esprit Sports – skiwear, fitness fashion and street wear for women, men and kids that harmoniously combines fashion and function Accessories – bags, leather and textile accessories for men and women Shoes – women’s, men’s and children’s shoes from fashionable to classic, from leather to nylon Bodywear – day and night underwear, as well as...
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