A Compare and Contrast of the Christ of the Gospels with the Christ of Contemporary Times

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A Compare and Contrast of the Christ of the Gospels with the Christ of Contemporary Times
The Christ of the Gospels has developed into a different image in contemporary society over time. Feminists are among the most prominent group of the contemporaries that views problems with the Christ of the Gospel and has since created their own image of who Jesus Christ is and why He existed. The primary issues with the Christ of the Gospels identified are; the language represented in traditional Christology is difficult to understand and hard to translate into today’s society, the relationship of Christ’s physical being “ontology” and discipleship (Jones), the historical premise behind Christ, the varying views of atonement and the theory of Christus Victor. The Christ of the Gospels is viewed as a model of which humans should wish to emulate (Jones). However, the contemporary critics view this Christ as a suggestion that to be Christ-like, one must become a victim.

Language is the cornerstone of comprehension and communication. The language and interpretation used in the Gospels is thought by contemporaries to be outdated and distant from what is necessary to convey the good news of Jesus Christ. It is centered on Greek philosophical vocabulary to which it is difficult relate. Instead of being focused on philosophy, feminists and other contemporaries feel it is more important to tell of the works of Jesus Christ that are about salvation and how to achieve redemption through him (Jones).

Another issue contemporary Christologists see with the Christ of the Gospels is the relationship between Christ’s physical being and discipleship. Ontology is a branch of physics that evaluates the nature of being (Jones). Discipleship is the term used to describe the relationship between Jesus and those who followed him. In the modern way of thinking Christ’s ministries and what it is like to follow Christ are more important than his metaphysical condition. Whereas the...

Cited: Jones, Serena and Paul Lakeland, eds. Constructive Theology: A Contemporary Approach to Classical Themes. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2004. Kindle Edition.
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