A Clockwork Orange - Struggles Between the Government

Topics: A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess, Violence Pages: 4 (1254 words) Published: November 16, 2009
Struggles between the Government
In A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess has created a dark, gloomy socialist state of futuristic world and the theme of this novel deals with the struggles between the governments. The society in the story is inhabited by fearful citizens, wild young outlaws, and a totalitarian government which is unable to control the society's flood of violence. The citizens are more than usually suspicious of strangers, especially after dark, they would not go out to the dangerous streets, unless they are really needed. Also, this government owns all property, every citizen is forced to work, jails are cruel and the government controls the media. In this novel, social contract is eliminated from the story. “The social contract is an unwritten set of guidelines that embodies the most basic laws governing a society. Included in the social contract are such topics as courtesy, theft, murder, and tolerance.” Since youths are less educated, they always hang together, do foolish, violent things and disobey the laws. Therefore, the three problems that struggle the government are youths go wild due to negligence, insensitive government deny free will from rehabilitating youth, and government abandons youth. The novel shows lawless young hooligans taking over the society. Gangs of youngsters roam the streets day and night appealing in a virtual reign of terror. Alex, the main character and his friends are not an exception. They are free to do whatever they want that notably involves harming others. Anyone unlucky enough to become their target maybe raped, robbed, beaten, murdered, and all the basic doings generally associated with violence. “…she like tried to lever herself up from the floor, so I gave her a malenky fair kick in the litso…” (Burgess, 1962:48) It is because in this society, the young are savage, while middle age to the old people is quite mellow. “It’s a stinking world because it lets the young get on to the old like you...
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