A Clockwork Orange" Is a Film About a Gang of "Droogs

Topics: Antisocial personality disorder, Classical conditioning, A Clockwork Orange Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: November 28, 2005
"A Clockwork Orange"

"A Clockwork Orange" is a film about a gang of "droogs" who take pleasure in crime. They enjoy raping and torturing their innocent victims for their own pleasure. The main characters' name is Alex. Alex's diagnosis is Antisocial Personality Disorder (Psychopath). When caught and arrested, classical conditioning is used in order to rid Alex of his vindictive thoughts, but is not very successful.

Antisocial Personality Disorder is a Disorder that cannot be easily diagnosed. It is often associated with criminal behavior. In recent studies it is said that 65-75% of all criminals have APD. It is so uneasily diagnosed because these people come in all shapes and sizes. The main symptom of this disorder is total disregard for the right of others and a total disregard for society (www.faculty.ncwc.edu). Certain symptoms can be associated with the disorder. Not feeling guilty about anything that they do is the most common. Some other symptoms include sense of entitlement, unremorseful, apathetic to others, unconscionable behavior, blameful of others, manipulative and conning, affectively cold, disparate understanding, socially irresponsible, disregardful of obligations, nonconforming to norms, irresponsible (www.faculty.ncwc.edu).

"Psychopath describes a pattern of antisocial personality traits (Raulin, p. 373)." Psychopaths are not like sociopaths at all. Psychopaths represent the "monsters" of society and are often associated with the criminals of society. Most psychopaths are males but there are a growing number of females out there. Fearlessness is the most common characteristic in a psychopath. Other characteristics include superficial charm, grandiose self-worth, need for stimulation, pathological lying, conning and manipulation, lack of empathy, and lack of remorse or guilt.

A gang of teenagers embarks on a killing and raping rampage and Alex gets caught by the police. The diagnoses of psychopath were chosen for Alex...

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