A Clockwork Orange

Topics: A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess, Nadsat Pages: 3 (1124 words) Published: October 7, 2013
The first time I saw the book name “A Clockwork Orange”, I think it is weird. What is “clockwork orange”? Clockwork is a structure of a machine while orange is a fruit. This awkward combination makes no sense to me. And that’s just what the author was trying to express, the feeling of awkward, queer and bizarre. By reading the introduction in the beginning part of the book, I came to know that Clockwork oranges exist only in the speech of old Londoners. The image was a bizarre one, always used for a bizarre thing. Immediately, I felt the story will be extraordinary. A Clockwork Orange is written by Anthony Burgess. It describes a horrific world in an apathetic society has allowed its youth to run wild. This book is written with the point of view of an anti-hero, our main character, Alex. He is a 16 year old criminal who is involved in violence, rape murder and robbery throughout the book. After reading the whole book, I think the whole story can be divided into three parts. The first half of the book focuses on Alex’s criminal and ultra violence lifestyle, the second part focuses on Alex rehabilitation in prison, and the third based on Alex’s entry back into society. The novel opens with Alex and his gang, Pete, Georgie and Dim at a milk bar. The milk bar serves drug-laced milk which is one of the reasons the Alex and his droogs chooses this place as a regular hangout and gathering place. After having the spiked milk, the boys assault an old scholar and rob a candy store. They even violently beat up an old drunken wanderer just because Alex hates listening to the man’s singing. They really enjoy the process of acting violence which I think it is abnormal. After a fight with an equally notorious gang, Alex and his droogs head out into the country on a stolen car. They meet a writer named F. Alexander, who is writing a novel named “A Clockwork Orange”. The boys forcible enter the writer’s cottage by telling a lie. They disorganize the house and rapes F....
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