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1. Introduction

A classification of
mobile business models
and its applications

Worldwide wireless Internet users are expected to
rise from the current 96 million (2001) to more
than a billion in 2006 (ARC Group, 2001). In
spite of the widespread use of mobile services,
previous research on business model-based mobile
business classification has hardly been found.
Similar to the research on Internet business,
mobile business model classification needs to be
researched in order to provide an overall
framework and perspective of mobile business.
In this research, a mobile business
classification scheme and an analysis framework
are suggested based on both wireless service
categorization schemes and research on an
Internet business model classification. For B2C
models, analysis by each model is also suggested.

Choon Seong Leem
Hyung Sik Suh and
Dae Seong Kim
The authors
Choon Seong Leem is a Professor, Hyung Sik Suh is a
Research Fellow and PhD candidate and Dae Seong Kim is
a Research Fellow, all at the School of Computer and
Industrial Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.
Modelling, Classification schemes, Business analysis,
Republic of Korea

2. Previous research
2.1 Research on Internet business
classification schemes
The Internet business model means a set of
strategies for corporate establishment and
management which includes a revenue model,
high-level business processes, and alliance
(Leem, 2002). Internet business model has had
various forms and current business models are
changing or being merged as time goes on.
Table I shows the previous research on Internet
business model classifications.

Although there have been a lot of studies on mobile
business, it is hard to find ones in which an integrated
perspective of mobile business based on both customers'
and companies' needs is suggested. This research develops a
mobile business model classification scheme and applies it
to analysis of current status in mobile business. In the first case study on 65 firms in Korea, mobile solutions are
categorized based on the classification scheme in order to
analyze an overall market environment of mobile business.
In the second case study on mobile service trend analysis, a set of evaluation indices including four general indices, ten effectiveness indices and 13 measurement indices were
developed to analyze mobile service environment in the
perspective of B2C (business to customer). For the second
case study, 200 mobile heavy users were questioned on the
mobile service-related issues.

2.2 Previous research on mobile service
Unlike the Internet business model
classifications, mobile business has been
categorized roughly by its service model based
on mobile characteristics as well as Internet
business characteristics.
Mobile business classification schemes are
summarized in Table II.
As shown in Table II, previous research has
been focused on service categorization. ARC
Group categorized mobile business into
timeliness, remote access, location based (ARC
Group, 1999). Ovum Group suggests five forms
of mobile services based on promising services

Electronic access
The Emerald Research Register for this journal is available at www.emeraldinsight.com/researchregister
The current issue and full text archive of this journal is
available at
Industrial Management & Data Systems
Volume 104 . Number 1 . 2004 . pp. 78-87
# Emerald Group Publishing Limited . ISSN 0263-5577
DOI 10.1108/02635570410514115

This research was conducted with the support of the
Korea Ministry of Information and Communication
(grant number: designated survey 02-02).


A classification of mobile business models and its applications

Industrial Management & Data Systems
Volume 104 . Number 1 . 2004 . 78-87

Choon Seong Leem, Hyung Sik Suh and Dae Seong Kim

Table I Research on...
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