A Class Devided

Topics: Black people, Race, White people Pages: 4 (1282 words) Published: December 12, 2012
A Class Divided
Hasnat Ahmed

A month from now, I think there are many scenes I would remember from this movie. One in particular is the one where a boy is swearing at the teacher under his breath, after getting discriminated. He also makes vulgar faces at the teacher and that really caught my eye because it shows the essence of the teachers’ segregated actions towards him. Also another scene is when the kids in the playground are playing, prior to that the teacher told them they can’t play on the playground with each other unless the person has the same eye color. There was a little girl in the corner just standing with a sad face like she doesn’t belong in that place anymore. Also onwards when the tables shifted, meaning when she was considered to be the superior according to her teacher her face lit up and she was suddenly happy.

The impact of the discrimination definitely shows on the children. Like I’ve mentioned before the child that was discriminated against in class made very weird and “mad” like faces towards the teacher. This shows that the child is furious and it shows in his actions – body language. Also just like another previous example mentioned, the girl in the playground was discriminated against and you could see the way she was impacted by it. She was standing against a wall in a corer with her head down; also she was fiddling with her hand indicating that she is thinking about something, most likely about the negative way the teacher treated her.

Well either if it was negative or positive I think the children weren’t old enough to tell themselves something that would alter their actions in the future. But on the contrary that wasn’t the case because when these children came back to their teacher 15 years later their actions definitely showed a self-fulfilling prophecy. The way they spoke about the things around them was much more different than other people at that time. They had gained something that many people...
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