A City in the Sky: A Visual Analysis on Bioshock Infinite

Topics: Human body, Human anatomy, Imagination Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Visual Analysis
All the years one will experience, there are rare moments where our creativity and imagination can reach its peak. Where theories can become discoveries, or when one can turn something black and white into beautiful colors. We all come across a certain idea or goal to keep us moving forward. Set in 1912 in the city of Columbia, this video game tells the tale of an imaginative dystopia that can only be seen above the clouds; Bioshock Infinite's story is based off a city that soars across the sky. The feeling that may strike readers whom gaze at the ad of the game could present a sense of fear and confusion. As one gazes upon the ad it tends to raise more questions than answers for the viewer. This ad is portrayed as a man being attacked by a human head with the body of a robotic behemoth in the streets of the city.

The first thing that one would notice is the mechanical behemoth facing off against the man as mentioned earlier. Taking a closer look at the monstrosity, shows that it's head resembles that of a human, and in its chest a heart. Once your eyes gaze upon it, you can see that the human body parts on the creature are functioning. That being said, the question now arises how did this come to be? Did the man volunteer his body to scientific research? Or may it be possible that this man's body was stolen for some higher cause.

In the background to the left of the brawl between the man and machine shows a burning shop. This shop could have been set ablaze from the aftermath of the battle, but further analyzation might show otherwise. There is no exterior damage to the shop which indicates that maybe the fight didn't reach the shop. If you look into the shop you can see a lady who appears to be dressed in a black cloak with a large, pointy, black hat sweeping her floor. Being surrounded by a building that is engulfed in flames while a fight between a man and machine is occurring would usually grasp someone else's attention from whatever...
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