A Christmas Carol: the Impression We Get of Scrooge in the Opening of the Novel

Topics: Christmas, Ebenezer Scrooge, A Christmas Carol Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: March 27, 2009
Christmas Carol


Main body of essay

The impression we get of Scrooge in the opening of the novel is……….

Mean and miserly
Dickens describes him as,
“tight fisted at the grindstone.”
WE are also told that he is,
“hard and sharp as a flint.” The simile used by Dickens likens Scrooge to the coldness and hardness of stone. Sinner
Dickens uses a long list of unpleasant adjectives to describe Scrooge. This gives the impression that Scrooge is………”quote”., Doesn’t want company wants to be on own..quote.
He looks like a thin, mean person. He is described as….quote. He is permanently cold this is because he is so cold hearted….. quote. Need to say about Scrooge and the weather. He is like the worst weather conditions. Quote. We also see how other people deal with Scrooge. We see that…not liked /unpopular quote Scared of him quote para 4.

Animals sense how nasty he is. Quote.
He is a loner he doesn’t want company quote para 5.
Dickens uses the weather again to let us see what Scooge is like. Just as he is cold so is the weather. Quote para 6. The novel begins on Christmas Eve which is a time for people to celebrate and be generous. Scrooge is mean.

We see how mean he is when Dickens describes the office clerk to us………………..tell the story of the fire and quote.

The fire is worse than useless and the clerk even tries to warm himself on his candle………..quote. The clerk is called Bob Cratchitt he must be freezing cold he even wears his scarf ……. quote.

Scrooge’s nephew visits him he is cheerful jolly says “merry Christmas” but scrooge is cruel because he hates xmas he is mean doesn’t want to celebrate quote

Dickens’ description of the nephew compares with scrooge because………..good things warm words quote.

Even though the nephew is poor he is…………
Whereas scrooge is rich he is ,…………….


IN the first section of the novel the impression we get of scrooge is…………………….. Dickens uses the imagery of...
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