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A Christmas Carol - the Ghost of Christmas

By ana1234 Sep 06, 2010 305 Words
A Christmas Carol
By: Charles Dickens

Many memories run through Scrooge’s head on Christmas Eve. He is always cranky and never appreciates anything. Ever since his partner Jacob Marley past away he turned into a mean bitter old man. He is so mean that if Bob Cratchit wants money he will have to work on Christmas day. For being that way Bob pays a little visit saying that 3 ghosts will visit him to teach him a listen. The first is Ghost of Christmas Past and he shows him how lonely he was. He shows him how he got married and money blinded him from his love. The next night came and the Ghost of Christmas Present showed him how families celebrate Christmas. The Crachits had little but they were very loving that they even send blessings to Scrooge. Next they went to his nephew’s house and saw all the fun that Scrooge was missing out on. The last ghost came the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come who showed him why he should change the ways of acting he has. They found out how he died, Bob Crachit’s son died and how much chaos there was with the economy. Suddenly Scrooge was back into Christmas day the 3 ghosts wanted to see if he would change so they gave him one l more opportunity. In that period of time he bought the surgery that Bob’s son needed and he even went to go celebrate Christmas with his nephew. The moral of the story is that people can change Scrooge just needed to remember his past, present, and future. He changed from an old mean bitter man to a nice, loving, and empathic kind of person. Every person has his or her opportunity to change and Scrooge chose to change.

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