A Chinaman’s Chance: Reflections on the American Dream

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Thought Pages: 4 (685 words) Published: April 16, 2013
A Chinaman’s Chance: Reflections on the American Dream

According to Eric Liu, American dream is not dead. It is the opportunity and

perseverance individuals have to move forward. The American dream is what holds the people

together of different race, religions and identities. It allows the people to strive for what they

want to become in the near future. He believes that a Chinaman’s chance is as good as

anyone else. His strengths and believes help him to overcome obstacles. Eric Liu does not set his

mind to think negatively. He tries to see the good in every situation no matter how bad it is. Eric

Liu tries his endeavor best to use the good to overlook the bad and not to use negativity as a set

back or to think less of himself or his abilities.

Eric Liu believes in America even when no other does. “I happen still to believe in our

national creed: freedom and opportunity, and our common responsibility to uphold them. This

creed is what makes America unique.” He stood up for what he believes in and is not ashame of

who he is. Even when Eric Liu and the American Dream come of age he still believes the

country has a one of a kind fate. Additionally, after facing racism he still believes that there is no

dilemma for him to make the life he wants. “What was then cause for discomfort is now a

source of strength.” What he uses to be ashamed of then such as race, accent and culture is now

his strength.

“Eric Liu discussed how he had to grow up dealing with being avoided due to his skin

color and the thought that a Chinaman’s chance is less than any other chance. He was ashamed

of his race father accent because didn’t want anyone to know he is Chinese. Due to what his

sister said about him being a banana, yellow outside and white inside he usually says he is

American whenever anyone asks if he is Chinese or Japanese. “I have grappled writtingly or not,

with these questions of...
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