A Child in Bagladesh

Topics: United States dollar, Per capita income, Currency Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: April 17, 2013
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A child in Bangladesh as compared to a child in the US can be a sad, disheartening picture. Many children in Bangladesh can be found sleeping and living on the streets. There are orphanages but the struggle greatly to keep open due to lack of financial support. They rely a lot on donations and volunteered services such as medical, etc. Due to lack of sufficient government Bangladesh does not have CPS, welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, etc. like we do here in America. We also have child labor laws that Bangladesh does not have. Many children do not have the chance to get an education as they are forced into work to help support their family.

Here in America we have been in a recession and the economy is a frequent topic of the news. The per capita income in America is approximately $41,000. Per capita income in Bangladesh is approximately $848. Here in the US we consider someone who makes less than $848 a month poverty level.

One ticket to Disney World cost approximately $67. In Bangladesh you can take 20 people to the theme park Fantasy Kingdom as stated by author Kelsey Timmerman. $67 is only .07% of an American’s yearly income. A ticket to Fantasy Kingdom for one person is approxamitley.04% of the Bangladesh income. Using currency conversion the cost of a ticket is about $3.35 in American dollars.

I feel that Kelsey did the right thing in picking 20 children in Bangladesh to take to Fantasy 1
Kingdom. He could have given them the cash money, but taking them to the amusement park is an experience that most of these children would never have the change to have in their lifetime. Life experiences are something that you cannot put a price tag on. I don’t feel that any of those children would have chosen to buy a ticket to the amusement park with the money he could have given to them. Due to the horrible poverty they would have used it for food, clothing, etc. He gave them a life experience that they will carry with them for a...
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