A Child Called ‘It’: One Child’s Courage to Survive

Topics: Emotion, The Reader, Suffering Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: November 17, 2008
A Child Called ‘It’: One Child’s Courage to Survive
Book Review & Critique by: Stephanie Groth

Dave Pelzer opens his book A Child Called ‘It’: One Child’s Courage to Survive with the statement that this book “depicts the language that was developed from a child’s viewpoint”. Indeed, the tone and vocabulary used in the book reflect an age and wisdom of the child at the particular time. Pelzer wrote this book about his childhood but I would not recommend it as a reading for children; however, an average reader as well as an educator will find it interesting and appealing directly to the soul. The book itself is autobiographical as Pelzer writes about his mother, who was never caring. From the opening lines of the story, the reader encounters the horrifying tortures inflicted by a mother on her son. The special feature of the book is insight on the feelings of the boy. The reader sees all events through the eyes of the boy rather than from the outside. The author neither hides the facts nor tries to present the life colorfully. On the contrary, Pelzer depicts all horrors of being starved and stabbed. It is an emotionally hard book to read. The reader is exposed to the author’s memories of being forced to eat the contents of his siblings diapers and burned over a gas stove by a mother, just to mention a couple of described tortures. Pelzer wrote a heart wrenching story about abnormal relations between a mother and a son. The title of the book is truly reflective as the survival of the boy required real courage. Even the fact that the mother called her son “It” is symbolic as she is blinded by sadism without realizing or comprehending her actions. Pelzer uncovers the topic that is not openly discussed in society. He presents the ugly side of amoral society; the one in which nobody cares about the problems of others. The boy was tortured while his father did nothing to protect him. Pelzer portrays the domestic violence harshly without...
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