A Character Sketch Essay of a Doctor

Topics: Doctor Who, High school, The Five Doctors Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: October 7, 2010
As a student who has come across many hard pressed and down right evil adults, it is extremely rare that I would find the one adult who seems to be, well, human! Adults, for most teenagers, are characterized as pessimistic individuals that most times just cannot fathom the hardships of teenage life! Well, as I said before, I found him! (No, Mr. Jones sorry, it's not you!) When I think of this person, the first thought that pops into my mind is our friendship, which is odd because he is a back surgeon! Meet Dr. Lan Fotopoulus, a forty-some year old doctor who has the distinct ability to adapt his personality to fit the comfort level of any patient he has! His knowledge, logic and skill all come together to form an almost flawless practice of spinal and nervous system studies. As a young boy, Dr. Fotopoulus knew he was different than most people, but soon became part of the in crowd. He always found himself easily apart of all the activities from the first grade reading sessions of Barney to the eighth grade movie nights. He attributes the almost gargantuan size of his head to the ego he carried for so long! It was not till his sophomore year in High School that he realized that being "popular" was far less important than acquiring all the knowledge his parents were paying for. He said the exact turning point was the report card that read F, F, C-, D, C, C- and B. After High School, Fotopoulus dropped the in crowd and picked up the organic chemistry books. Though pre-med was difficult because of lack of virtually any study habits, he sought help and told himself that if he will be proud of anything during his time in school, it will be a degree in medicine! Obviously he has done so and now holds his own practice. Alongside his knowledge comes the skill or personality he brings with his work. As a Doctor who is literally on call at all hours of the day, he uses humor to keep him sane and to keep his clients close! I can recall one incident when...
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