A Character Essay(Music on the Bamboo Radio)

Topics: China, Hong Kong, Given name Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: January 14, 2013
“Music on the Bamboo Radio” is a historical novel, a fictional story full of adventure set during WWII. It begins on the day that Hong Kong surrendered to the Japanese. Nicholas Holford, the protagonist, arrives home and finds his parents missing. Throughout the novel, Nicholas changes and grows; he becomes more mature, develops a new identity and as his life changes completely and he is forced to become brave. Nicholas becomes more mature throughout the novel. He helps a group of soldiers called the East River Column when the English army sends them a box, “but inside everything is in English writing” and the soldiers “cannot read it” and they want Nicholas “to come and help” them. Later in the novel, Nicholas joins the East River Column and helps them blow up a train and save hundreds of people’s lives. He grows by joining a group of soldiers and helping them. As Nicholas lost both of his parents during the war he runs away with his servants to another hamlet which is a small village there he meets a new family,Tang’s family. Over there he gets more mature and also he has developed respect for other people’s beliefs as he also does things he dislikes P.34, “The task that Nicholas hated was carrying of pig manure up to the fields to spread around the plants.In the hot sun, the dung smelt sickly sweet and revolting.”He found that really disgusting because no one really likes to carry buckets of pigs dung. Also on P.55,However he also goes with Tang’s Family to visit the Golden Pagodas. he also respects in other people’s belief and he does everything very maturely and is also very keen to gain more knowledge about the Chinese culture. In the novel,Nicolas’ life changes completely and it all begins with the Japanese Invading (on P.4) Hong Kong and him running away with his servants. As he is been forced to adapt to his new life and he is given a new name. “I give you Chinese name. You no more Nicholas. You Wing-ming.” He lives the life of a Chinese boy, because he...
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