A Character Chapter Chart Of Stasiland
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A Character/Chapter Chart of Anna Funder’s Stasiland

The Victims
The Perpetrators
Miriam Weber: Chapters 2, 3, 4, 28
Herr Winz [counter-espionage/anti-infiltration]: Chapter 8
Julia Behrend: Chapters 5, 9, 10, 11, 14 (incl. the rape)
Von Schnitzler [chief propagandist for the GDR]: Chapter 13 and p. 255
Frau Paul: Chapters 21, 22, 23
Herr Christian [code worker/encoding transcripts of intercepted telephone conversations]: Chapter 15

Hagen Koch [technical draftsman & GDR Musterknabe or poster boy/model child]: Chapters 16, 17, 18, 2nd ½ of 26

Herr Bock [recruited and handled Stasi informers]: Chapter 20
NB: interesting to reflect upon what Funder appears to represent as three different forms of heroic survival:
Miriam – defiance: becomes an enemy of the state at age 16; demands the Stasi hand over the body of her husband who died in their custody
Julia – submission and endurance
Frau Paul – resistance: “I would not let myself be misused as bait in their trap.” p. 223
Herr Bohnsack [Stasi overseas spy service/ ’disinform-ation and psychological warfare against the west’ p. 236. Funder’s last Stasi man and her most sympathetic portrait. Why? He outed himself to the Western media as a Stasi spy and continued to live his life as an ordinary German citizen after 1989. He also has a sense of humour.]: Chapter 24

Anna Funder as a character in her own investigation and her own story: passim but most notably Chapters 1, 2, 27, 28. Her meetings with Klaus Renft: Chapters 8, 19
GDR, East European, German and Stasi history: passim but especially Chapters 6, 7, 2nd ½ of 9, 16

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