A Case Study: Organizational Culture of Ultimate Shield Security

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October 29, 2012

Ultimate Shield Security Services, Incorporated
Ultimate Shield Security Agency, Incorporated is a security agency established by Domingo Partido, having served in the military as a Military attaché during his teen years, he was then inspired to establish a security agency years later in the late 1980’s as he had a background in such things. In 1989, USASi – Ultimate Security and Allied Services, Inc. was born and it began its operations in the same year. Aside from the Metro Manila Head Office, Ultimate Shield was able to branch out into two other regions – one in La Union, covering the northern Luzon area and one branch in Surigao Del Norte, covering the lower region of the country. Having more than 300 security guards posted in Metro Manila as well as in other regions of the country, Ultimate Shield Security offers its services to different institutions, organizations, companies and establishments in and around the Greater Manila Area, as well as in provincial areas, who are in need of quality security services, based on values and morals that USSAi strongly adheres to. With this, USSAi has been working with different companies, such as AMOSUP, Seamen’s Hospital, Max’s Fried Chicken branches, Via Mare Tomas Morato, GMA Network, Peninsula de Punta Fuego and Araneta Coliseum to name a few.

Objectives and Values
USSAi’s main objective is to provide and maintain an excellent and professional security service, founded on its basic corporate policies and guidelines. It is in USSAi’s intentions and actions to keep the client’s best interests at heart by providing the best security service possible through following of the rules and regulations of both the agency’s and the client’s. With providing the best service, USSAi also encourages and mandates trainings both to the security personnel and the office staff to ensure that their skills and knowledge is updated and up to par with their peers (or even more) in other agencies and companies. It is also important to USSAi to uphold honesty and integrity with its actions and dealings with internal and external stakeholders.

Organizational Structure
The security agency is a medium – sized, family-owned and established business although it being a corporation, the Organizational Structure is as follows:

From 2011 to 2012, the active organization structure within the staff is as follows:

Within the office staff, rank and position are established per individual but as the staff is only composed of eight (8) persons, tasks and responsibilities are flexible in a sense that one can take over the work of another when needed (eg: field work and even on administrative work). This implies that all employees must have a grasp of what the other is doing at the least as well as they are updated with the current situation of that particular task, so endorsement and take over of the job is easy and workflow continues – there is no disruption. Interrelationships among office staff members are informal, as the staff is only composed of 8 people and the office space is limited compared to other companies - communication is supposedly more open and there is a friendly atmosphere within the organization. The structure among the security personnel is very different, of course. As this industry follows a militaristic culture, the structure among the guards is very formal and very strict. They are fixed in ranks, starting with the Security Officer/Supervisor/Manager who is in charge of...
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