A Case Study on Generoso Pharmaceuticals

Topics: Pharmacology, Active ingredient, Pharmaceutical drug Pages: 3 (606 words) Published: February 26, 2013
GEneroso pharmaceutical &Chemicals Inc.
Background of the Study:
The Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Inc., was once a family merchandising business and is now one of the emerging pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines. Due to its increase volumes of operation GPC was incorporated in the year 1982 and by the help of its treasurer and comptroller, Elizabeth Generoso segregates control over GPC’s different product lines and, thus, initiated the reorganization of GPC by 1988. In its first quarter of business operation in year 1988 is envisioned to initially manufacture pharmaceuticals as a subcontractor for the large firms both in the local market and in the export market. The company will embark on its research and development capability as it intends to eventually develop its own product lines focusing on products that make use of locally available raw materials, both as active ingredients and as excipients.

Statement of the Problem:
The Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Inc., is facing a predicament of accepting the proposal of the American Principal to engage in the contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for both domestic and export markets.

Time Frame:
First quarter of business operating year of 1988
Point View:
David Generoso is a person trying to develop a vision for his company, country and himself. He has this constant urge to be on the go, doing field work, developing and providing product at its best quality for their costumers and for the good of GPC and its stakeholders.

SWOT Analysis:
1. Establish a good track of record of its business dealings in a pharmaceutical industry 2. Past experiences as sales representatives have been the greatest asset of building a loyal line of clientele 3. Provide quality products and upheld their virtue of being client oriented 4. Conservative cash management policies

5. They were methodical (planning their sales force; carefully...
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