A Case Study Gammen Phone Recruitment & Selection Process

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Assignment on
Grameen Phone selection process

Introduction to Human Resource & Management
HRM 301
Sec 01

Amlan J. Haque
School of Business
Independent University, Bangladesh


Thanks to almighty, with the blessing of which this cherished dream of ours led to completion of this report with the desired out-come. This report study was a noble experience for us and without the guidance and cooperation of concerned people and without concentration, dedication and hard work it was not possible for us to complete this project. Our deepest gratitude to Md.Marufur Rahman & our faculty guide for his help, general hospitality, inspiration and all valuable guidance in various stages of development of this report. I have great pleasure in acknowledge the help receive from all those who favored us with it in giving the final shape to our report.

Executive Summery
Grameen Phone
is a GSM-based cellular operator in Bangladesh. Grameen Phone started operations on March 26, 1997. It is partly owned by Telenor (62%) and Grameen Telecom (38%).Grameen Phone is the largest mobile phone company in Bangladesh with 20.84 million customers as of August, 2008. It is also one the fastest growing cellular telephone network in Bangladesh. At the end of 2005, it had about3500 base stations around the country with plans to add about 500 in the following six months. Grameen Phone's stated goal is to provide cost-effective and quality cellularservices in Bangladesh. On the 16th of November, 2006 GP formally changed its logo to match its parent company Telenor's logo. According to GP the new logo symbolizes trust, reliability, quality and constant progress. The name Grameen Phone was kept as part of the new identity because the name Grameen phone carries with it all of the heritage, success and values of the companies past, added the then CEO of Grameen phone Erik Aas.

Company Profile
Type: Limited
Founded 1997
Celebration Point, Road # 113 A, Plot 3& 5, Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh Key people Oddvar Hesjedal, CEO
Industry: Telecommunication
Products: Telephony, EDGE, GSM
Revenue: 700Million USD
[1]Net income: ▲ 6,403.8 Million Taka
[2]Employees: 5052
[3]Website: www.grameenphone.com

Reasons for Choosing GP:
Reports play a vital role in the field of communication both in the educational orientation and in practical life. So from this side, it must be better in choosing or selecting the entire organization. Because a well-established organization or company can provide the best materials or documents to prepare a report easily which is very important in BBA.GP is a high ambitious and well-reputed company in Bangladesh currently used by over 1.3 billion people in some 250 countries. Grameen Phone believes in service, a service that leads to good business and good development.

Scope of the Study:
The report covers the procedure of the selection and emphasizes the human resource management on some position. The total industry and investment situation of the country is not observed in the report so this report does not actually compare the position of the mobile companies in the context of the total business situation of the country. Objectives of the Study:

Broad Objective
The broad objective of this study is to present the Grameen Phone’s entry-level function and practices in the overall industries in Bangladesh. Specific Objectives
The specific objectives were as follows:
* Finding out the current process of Grameen Phone’s Selection. * Present factors to be considers in Selection Procedure. * Problems and prospects of Selection Procedure. And –
Methodology of the Study:
Two different methodologies had to be designed to complete the parts: * Information regarding the overall procedure of Selection was gathered from the Internet and different literature survey. * To get a closer look...
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