A Case Study

Topics: Employment, Shift work Pages: 2 (1334 words) Published: April 13, 2015
A case study submitted by a student involves problems that crop up in a dormitory kitchen. The facts of the case include the notion that there were about a dozen workers in a cafeteria and that for quite awhile, no one is overworked and it is generally agreed that the food is good. The cafeteria worked in an organized fashion and menus were simply repeated. Most of the workers were middle aged or older and had no young children at home to tend to. Many of the workers were women, attended the same church and would cover for each other in the event that one of the workers was ill. In fact, it was a desirable situation and the people got along very well with one another. There was no air conditioning, or dishwashers, and no modern conveniences in general.

Everything changed in 1975 when the dorm was rebuilt and the kitchen was also given an overhaul. Yet, while the employees of the old dorm kitchen were retained, an additional ten employees were added and a more significant structure was implemented. There was an emphasis on quantity and everything seemed to have expanded. With new schedules, the women rarely saw one another. Negative feelings emerged as this small dorm kitchen grew from feeding thirty to three hundred and the old workers were not satisfied with the quality of the food. Another concern had been in regard to one of the new employees who was hired for the morning shift. She was loud and disruptive and so obnoxious that two of the workers threatened to quit if she were to stay.

The morning crew consisted primarily of the old workers and the new people were scheduled for the evening. It made sense because the old crew was used to early hours. However, that meant that the new crew was largely inexperienced in that facility. Some of the new workers were inexperienced in the field as well. Also, the evening crew did not like the fact that they were made to clean up whereas the morning crew did not have such duties. There were also problems with...
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