A Cartoon Adventure: Yellow Submarine

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Yellow Submarine Research Paper
“Yellow Submarine”

The 1968 film Yellow Submarine is a cartoon adventure filled with hit songs by The Beatles. The director, George Dunning, directed a wild movie that did not seem to make sense. The songs, while catchy, were a bit strange with no point. After listening and analyzing the lyrics to “Yellow Submarine,” I interpreted it to my best abilities. Then compared my breakdown to the beliefs of others.

When I first listened to “Yellow Submarine” I was immediately reminded my elementary school preforming the song for the parents. Obviously it was just another silly song for children, until I truly thought hard about the lyrics. I realized that the meaning was simply about being happy and living a life of simplicity. As it starts out the listeners are told about a man who lived in a different world up in the sun. I believe they are telling the audience of a world in which you live in a perfect bubble of happiness with all your friends and family.

In this place there is nothing but pleasure, where normal mature worries are nonexistent. I believe that the yellow submarine symbolizes the perfect space where one retreats to escape from the outside world. The submarine could also signify a safe area to get away from problems. The line “as we live a life of ease everyone of us has all we need” stresses this certain careless lifestyle. In this life we are content living day by day with what we have, without greed. The yellow submarine is our transportation to tranquility. Once the world gets too crazy there are times where getting away is the best option. The Beatles could be expressing that since they were so famous and could not go anywhere unnoticed, they needed a place to escape from crazy fans. In this place they were with their friends, each other, watching the outside world through a small submarine window. The Beatles lived in an isolated private neighborhood, which could easily be symbolized...
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