A Career in Tourism
Topics: Tourism, Travel agency / Pages: 1 (323 words) / Published: Oct 5th, 2014

Currently tourism - very promising and quickly developing field of economics. Now on volumes of revenue tourism in the third place in the world after the automotive and petroleum industries. But there is a forecast that in the coming years it will take a second or even first place. Also, it should be noted that in the tourism sector employs about half of the population of our planet. Therefore, I believe that tourism is one of the most attractive areas of activity.
In our time, given all the advancements and technology, travel has become easy. And if we consider that the standard of living in our country is growing, we can still say that tourism is becoming more affordable for us.
Personally, I was attracted by specialty tourism, because I believe that this work - combining business with pleasure. That is, if I work in the travel agency, I will get the opportunity to more and more to develop, to learn about different parts of our planet, I will certainly go to info-tours at the expense the enterprise. If, for example, I work in a hotel, it is a constant opportunity to communicate with new people, foreigners, with their culture. This is an opportunity to practice foreign languages. Jobs tour operator is also very interesting, as it implies a vast knowledge of geography, involves creativity. Make tours very interesting, because I can go to different countries.
In addition to all the benefits that I have listed, we should add that all this high-paying places. More accurate to say that everything will depend on myself.
To succeed in the career of tourism, first need to have a aspiration and a great desire, you need to be in the mood for communication. Should also receive special education. One must be aware of all the news related to tourism. Attend conferences, participate in the communities to be active within the enterprise, and to invent something new.

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