A Career in Medical Assisting

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Unit 5 Assignment
Jennifer Bills
Kaplan University
HS 100
Cheryl Vincent
July 30, 2013

Medical Assisting
I have chosen to pursue a career in medical assisting. So far in this class I have learned a variety of information about this profession. I have learned exactly what a medical assistant does, what credentials and certificates I need to attain, current issues surrounding medical assisting, personality traits that will ensure success, different job opportunities available, and a copious amount of other things. I have also learned interesting things about other career paths and mapped out a career plan of my own. Overview of Medical Assisting

Medical assistants perform clinical and administrative tasks in a diversity of office settings. There are a variety of things an individual can do after becoming a medical assistant. In general, medical assistants take patient history, record vital signs, prepare patients for any medical testing they might need, prepare and administer medications ordered by the physician, and much more. Some medical assistants work with medical coding and billing. Most medical assistants work 40 hour weeks, Monday through Friday after receiving their degree. (Santiago, n.d.) Educational Requirements

There are two types of educational programs that can lead to becoming a medical assistant. Some schools offer a 1 year course while other schools require a 2 year course to receive an Associate’s Degree. Some health care professionals will provide on-the-job training, but most jobs are given to individuals who have received formal training. After completing an Associate’s Degree in medical assisting, an individual may choose to sit for a certification exam which will make him or her a CMA (Certified Medical Assistant). Some employers do not require a certification; however, CMA’s will typically have more job options than MA’s. (Santiago, n.d.) Current Issues

There are some current issues surrounding a medical assistant. Some...

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