A Car Accident

Topics: English-language films, American films, Violence Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: September 24, 2013
“Wasn’t the party yesterday fun?” David asked Carol. He yawned sleepily as he rubbed his eyes with one hand. He and Carol had went to a party late last night and was driving recklessly on the road to work. David was not careful with his parent’s car and suddenly it skidded off the road. The car spun around and finally, crashed into a long, green barricade. Terror gripped them.

The car’s bonnet was smashed against the short railings of the barricade. Smoke emitted out from the burning hot bonnet. The glass windows of the car shattered into pieces. The car was dented and debris was lying all around the car. The car had skidded for a few metres before crashing into the railing of the huge canal. David’s legs were covered in ugly blue-black bruises and red scratches. Fear arose upon him. Carol’s elbows and knees were slightly grazed. David’s ankles had been violently rotated to the side because of the crushed bonnet. Soon, a crowd formed. Two men named Roger and Tom came out to help. The two men pulled at the dented doors, but could not get the door open for David and Carol.

Carol looked very worried and groaned in pain. After a few minutes, she lost consciousness due to the lack of oxygen in the stuffy car and smoke drifting in from the outside. David coughed loudly. Out of the blue, there was a sudden ‘boom’ sound. The two men were thrown a few metres away from the wrecked car. There was an explosion and the car burst into flames. Angry flames fluttered in the wind. The people in the crowd gasped as they saw it. The air thickened. Partly of the car’s bonnet was burned. The two passengers started to breathe in wisps of smoke. They all were frantic with terror. Terror seized David. The bystanders called the ambulance and the police immediately. David’s feet were snared in a tangle of bent pedals and chunks of metal and could not get out.

The ambulance sailed down the street with a bunch of fire fighters to put out the fire. Civil...
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