A Canadian Tire History

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Canadian tire history

In 1922, John W. and Alfred J. Billes buy Hamilton Tire and Garage Ltd in Toronto. One year later, the two sell their garage and move to a new location under the name "Canadian Tire. By 1927, Canadian Tire was officially incorporated. In 1934, Canadian Tire had its first associate store open in Hamilton. This served as a catalyst in the development of the company's expansion across Canada. In 1937, A.J Billes introduces a new and innovative idea to draw attention to their store, clerks on roller skates. This was the first retail store ever to do this. By 1958, the company had expanded and opened their first gas bar. At these gas bars, customers received coupons. These coupons would later be known as "Canadian Tire Money." This money would later accepted at all Canadian tire locations and could be used to purchase anything in store. In 1968, Canadian Tire inducted Midland Shoppers Credit Limited into their business under the name Canadian Tire Financial Services. On their 50th anniversary, Canadian Tire opens its first store in the province of Saskatchewan. In 1980, Gross operating revenue exceeds 1 billion dollars. The company has 334 associate stores and 116 gas bars. In 1993, Canadian Tire makes Canadian history by launching the most extensive store renewal and redevelopment program. The program seeks to reformat the stores and creates a better customer experience nationwide. In 1995, Canadian Tire Financial Services makes history again attracting global fame as it becomes the first non-deposit taking, financial institution in the world with its "Options MasterCard". In 1999, Canadian Tire launched its "Foundation for Families." Canadian Tire applies its Next Generation Store Format in hopes of delivering new features, products, and services to customers. In 2001, Canadian Tire launches its own website quickly becoming one of Canada's busiest E-Commerce sites in the country. Canadian Tire Jumpstart is launched in 2005. Jumpstart helps

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