A Call For Change
Topics: Health care, Democratic Party, Barack Obama, Marriage, Republican Party / Pages: 8 (1888 words) / Published: Nov 3rd, 2013

A Call for Change

In the article, “Political issues that are most important to college students,” Jake Betz commented, “Certainly, quality-of-life issues greatly concern segments of the college population.” Most college students pay no attention to statements like this, nor do they regard advertisements for upcoming elections. However, when the fate of your future is left in the hands of people who may or may not know what’s best for you, keeping up with political issues and voting for what benefits your quality of life is probably the best course of action. The three main issues college students should be concerned about is health care, gay rights, and tax reform. For those who might not know or remember, tax reform is a manner of changing the way taxes are collected. Now picture this, you graduate from college only to find yourself buried deep in debts you haven’t the slightest idea of how to pay off. While trying to pay off these debts, you get yourself injured along the way. You try to manage your health care while also trying to pay off vast amount of debts. Now try to balance all this while looking for a job. This is a lot for anyone to handle, let alone a college student. However, this is what happens when you let the Republicans win the election. Personally, I believe the party most suitable for tackling issues such as health care, gay rights, and tax reform is the Democratic Party.
One of the main issues that concern college students is health care. When you’re a college student just stepping into a life of independence, health care is definitely going to be one of your main concerns. You start asking questions like, “What if I get hurt? What if I get hit by a car on the way to finding a job? What if I suddenly find myself needing medical attention?” For whatever the reason may be, health care is an important issue for students stepping out of college. In this upcoming election, the candidates see health care as one of the main domestic issue. The

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