A burning torch for a new beginning

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A Burning Torch for a New Beginning

Nothing in this world stays permanent. Life, love, nature, and not even troubles and other things but most of all, the one I would like to stop, time. A little time was all I have before graduation, yet, I know I am almost ready about it since I know that there’s something about the way I was molded. Coming from a catholic school serves as an edge of students from other students who attended their study in public schools. Here, we have kept in mind that brilliance isn’t the required gate pass of a student in excelling into some field. They say being a catholic school student is boring because their activities only revolve in praying, praying, and still, praying, but I say not at all. The truth is, the students become richer in terms of spiritual enhancement. They are told to be a servant of God and what they should do is to act virtuously. A person who is blessed can influence its surroundings to be blessed. In the condition of our country today, it is a good thing that even a small population of youth is God-oriented people. According to Tom Brokaw, we are educated and our certification is in our degree. We may think of it as a ticket to a good life. But if we are asked to think of an alternative, we should think of it as our ticket to change the world. It is a very good dictum since graduation is a time of a new beginning but never the end of everything; we should employ what we have learned in order to bring change in the community.
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