A Bronx Tale. Film Essay

Topics: Adolescence, The Bronx, English-language films Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: May 31, 2013
The film “A Bronx Tale” centers on the life of a boy named Calogero on his journey from childhood, to adolescence, to a young adult. Calogero, later nicknamed “C” grew up in a community with prevalent gang behavior and the violence that accompanies this lifestyle. From a young age “C” was fascinated with the life of various members of the mafia especially the leader of the group- Sonny. As a child, “C” maintains an incredibly close relationship with his father, but over time “C” becomes overwhelmed by a life of affluence and money and subsequently loses sight of what is truly important to him. In the end, the only thing that can open “C’s” eyes is tragic loss, and he understands the harsh realities of life that escaped his as a child. “A Bronx Tale” parallels the growth we all experience as we transition childhood to adulthood and the journey we must endure to find our identities. When “C” is a young child, family is truly the most important influence on his personality and development. In the beginning of the film it is evident that “C” looks at his father with the utmost pride and respect as he repeatedly says to his dad “you’re always right.” However, although “C” was raised by respectable parents, children not only learn from direct teaching but also by the environment that they live in. It is this factor that contributes to “C’s” dwindling faith in his father as well as his involvement with the dangerous gangs of the Bronx.

Early in the film it is clear that “C” is fascinated with the gangster life that he is surrounded by. “C” is always looking for a way to escape his parents and go to the bar just to catch a glimpse of the toughest man in his eyes: Sonny. This fascination not only affected “C” but also everyone else in the town. The appeal of gangster life and deviant behavior can be connected to people’s yearning to live vicariously through the dangers of these life styles. As a child, “C” was living in a state of innocence and discovery, but his...
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