A Broken Home

Topics: Debut albums, Parent, Mother Pages: 3 (1034 words) Published: August 24, 2011
So my parents, the people who had sex to create me... where to start with that. I guess my life would have been different if everything had worked out the way the story books read but that just wasn't how it happened for me. I grew up in a "broken home", meaning my mother and father were not together for the majority of my life and I've never had the "traditional" family setting. That being said I still have two parents and this is for them.

Mary - Most people would write mother or mom here but you lost that title from me a long time ago. Because of you I learned real early in life that it takes a lot more than giving birth to someone to be a mother. Because of you I learned a lot about life at an age where my biggest concern should have been which tv show I wanted to watch after a hard day at school. You single-handly changed the way I saw the world and the way I saw the people in it with every disappointment and every broken promise. You were the one that made it so hard for me to make friends and the one I blame for my inability to trust people (although you had help). You left me alone to handle the many tasks that a mother should be there for. I handled my becoming a woman and my first day of high school by myself. I got ready for prom without a mother's touch and left for graduation without a mother's smile. And when I needed you most you wasn't there either. Like the time I wanted to confide in you about my first kiss or when I needed your support the first time I ever had my heartbroken. You wasn't there to help me get dressed for my first formal ball and you wasn't the one that caught me when I was too weak to stand after my first love walked straight out of my life. You wasn't the one that caught my tears all those many nights alone and you wasn't the one there that helped me move away from the past when it hurt so bad to look back. BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN. I did just fine without you in my life. I would of loved for you to have been there through...
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