A Brief Look at Media Violence and Aggression

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A Brief Look at Media Violence and Aggression
The most powerful form of communication is media which plays an important role as a source of information in education and entertainment. Media comes in many forms such as newspapers, magazines, books, music, and video games (Matthews, 2013). When it comes to the contents that is portrayed by the media there is much controversy of the influence that it has on young people. The effects of media violence has been studied and researched for many years by psychologist, sociologist, political science experts, educators, as well as other fields of study to solidify a solid link between media violence and its connection with the aggressive behavior among children and adolescents.

In 1999 President William J. Clinton, along with the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice announced a new study to examine the marketing of violent media to children to determine whether the entertainment industries were marketing to children violent materials that was rated for adults. The main objective of this study was to address negative media violence and work with the entertainment industry by improving their awareness of its programming ensuring adequate and applied standards and media literacy strategies (Sedman, 1999). The American Psychological Association (APA), the Surgeon General and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), concluded that there is a causal effect of aggressive behavior caused by televised violence. According to the APA the effects of media violence are behavioral which results in the increase in violence and aggression, perceptual, fearfulness about becoming a victim and attitudinal, a person develops callousness toward violence among others (Sedman, 1999).

A Look at Media Violence and Aggression
Another research study named media violence a “critical risk factor” as the cause of aggression in young people, which was led by a Rutgers University assistant professor of psychology,...

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