A bridge to Wismeman's Cove

Topics: Change, Happiness, The Reader Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Critically examine how individuals are shaped by significant events that happen in their lives. A person’s perspective can be shaped by significant events that happen in their life. It can be the turning point for a change in their life. Everyone has a significant event in their life where they are changed even if it brings joy, grief or regret. ‘A Bridge to Wiseman's cove’ is a great example of perspective changes; it shows how Individuals are shaped by significant events that happen during their life. In this Novel James Moloney uses tone, emotive language, setting, symbolism and third person narrative to show the reader the changes that occur during their lives. Carl is the protagonist of the novel. Carl always felt alone, he thought he wasn’t good enough for anything, coming to Wattle Beach made him feel lonelier until he met Justine and Duncans. Getting a job on the Barge made Carl feel he was self-worth and he was proud of himself. The osprey is used to represent Carl Matt’s life in this novel. Carl is a teenage boy who has a very low self-esteem, self-conscious and an awkward teenager. He has an absent father, a mother who takes off often, a sister who looks after them, until she left and a brother who is disobedient. “Alone in the park, Carl wished he was a concrete statue, set there for the birds to sit on. No thoughts, no cares, no pain, just years of weathering in the sun and rain until there was nothing left”- (pg. 23) this sentence help the reader to see what Carls mood is by using emotive language ,setting and Imagery, it shows the reader that Carl feels Wretched. This demonstrates his life when he first moved into Wattle Beach.

Being abandoned by his family, all he had inside was a broken heart and the responsibility of a parent. His life started getting better, it started with his job in the barge. His purpose was to help Skip. He helped Skip by trying his best. When he came up with idea for getting more customers he felt so proud of himself...
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