A Blow A kiss analysis chart

Topics: Family, Son, Violence Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: February 17, 2015
A Blow, A Kiss – By Tim Winton
Literary Analysis Chart

Short story fiction narrative
Key idea -> Growing up, a moment in time, a right of passage, gender, parental influence, masculinity and Australian culture Conventions
Point of View
-> Third person limited to the eyes of the child.
-> It directs us though his naive innocent perspective
“Just the smell of his Father”
->It appeals to the senses and most children are tactile beings and live through their senses, Winton has captured the character of the child, established the relationship and joy he finds in being with his father and the importance of a fathers role in his sons life within the fist paragraph.

-> Exposition establishes the desire of the boy to be with his father, the father son bond is obvious. “It did not matter that they had…”
-> The image is visual reinforcing the perspective of the child it also allows the reader to identify the graphic details of the injuries/ the seriousness is highlighted Plot
-> The fishing expedition is interrupted with the crash of the motorcycle. -> The development of the plot allows a comparison between the ideal father son and the relationship that is dysfunctional. That relationship is seen as almost stereotypical based on male bonding of not revealing emotion, teaching with the fist rather than the head and the result is the cycle continues. “Against the blackness of the machine and leather Albie saw blood. They were the colour of bleeding pork.”

“Albie listened as the man began to weep until Albie thought he might be sick” -> Albie recognises the mans pain and he is disturbed by the raw emotion that is exhibited by the man. Albie’s Actions

-> Present a reflection of how his father has parented. He touches the man, he is gentle, reassuring and offers others comfort. “He bent down and kissed the wet prickled face”

“Albie felt himself swell up”
-> Albie has been shown physical affection that is gentle and...
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