A Blessing

Topics: Poetry, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Brandon Dukes
Professor Jung Lee
English 102
March 7, 2011
Essay # 2, Draft #1
Discovering The Message
How can readers discover the overall message in a poem? Reading the poem over and over again would become repetitive and uninteresting. However, the way to find the message within a poem is to understand the poetic elements. In James Wright’s poem “A Blessing” there are many elements that give clues to poem message. “A Blessing is a lyric type of poem. James Wright focuses a pictorial image of the setting and the relationship between animals and humans. Also in the poem there is an indirect message. The message of the poem is, if a person can absent from their comfort zone they can see the uniqueness in themselves and live life unstressed. Furthermore, the message James Wright want people to discover is hidden within the poem, but he uses many poetic techniques that give hints to the overall message. The message of the poem is expressed thought poetic techniques such as, theme and figure of speech

The theme of the poem was peace The theme was a major element in the text that gave hints to the overall message of the story. The poem’s description of the environment made a peaceful setting and made the tone for the poem. For example, the poem “A Blessing” states in ( lines 1-2) “ Just off the highway to Rochester Minnesota/Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass.” The peaceful setting gave a hint that part of the message would be about being free from stress. Secondly, the ponies were an essential aspect of the theme. The ponies help created the picture of a peaceful setting because of the way they acted around the speaker and his friend. Case in point, in the text it states, “they can hardly contain their happiness/That we have come” in lines (9-10). The ponies’ friendly and peace matter help paint the picture of a stress less setting and gives a connection to the peace theme of the poem.

In addition to theme, the poetic element of figure of...

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