a blend of nationalism and socialism

Topics: Fascism, Nationalism, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: January 27, 2014
‘A blend of nationalism and socialism’ discuss this view of fascism

A view of fascism can be seen as a blend of nationalism and socialism since there are considerable numbers of concepts which link fascism to those two doctrines. It is certain that fascists have behaved like nationalists or in most cases, radical nationalists. First of all, fascists love the idea of uniting people into a single entity and revere the idea of nationhood because of its ability of uniting people who enjoy the common circumstances of birth. The Nazi form of fascism in particular insisted that it was the role of the state to serve the interests of the nation. As a result, fascism values the idea of organic society highly as nationalism does. Both doctrines believe that the common sense of nationality will bring a people together into a single whole which will stand above the individual; and fascists took this idea further by claiming that one should subordinate his interests and should obey the leader completely. Fascism can also be seen to have an obsession of warfare that demonstrates the nationalist's characteristics within themselves seeing the interests of the nation as rivalling against other nations; therefore, there is a need to be engaged in warfare in order to protect the nation from expansionist nations and to maintain the nation’s independence and self-determination of a people, especially in the Nazi form of fascism, they struggled to keep their race pure. More importantly, the love of warfare shows the fascists’ pride of their nation and their desire of expressing the nation’s superiority. For example, fascist Italy invaded Abyssinia in 1936 and Nazi Germany was willing to conquer all Slavic people during the early part of the twenties century’ these fascist movements were imperialistic and expansionist, both elements of right-wing nationalism. Fascism can be seen as an extreme system of nationalist through chauvinism and racial patriotism such as traditional...
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