A Bird in the House

Topics: Jacques Lacan, Unconscious mind, Sigmund Freud Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: June 19, 2013
作者: 作者单位: 刊名: 英文刊名: 年,卷(期): 被引用次数: 赵洪尹 涪陵师范学院 西南民族大学学报(人文社科版) JOURNAL OF SOUTHWEST UNIVERSITY FOR NATIONALITIES(HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCE) 2006,26(2) 5次

参考文献(7条) 1.王小章;郭本禹 潜意识的诠释 1998 2.Critical Terms for Literary Study Frank Lentricchia and Thomas McLaughlin 1995 3.Alan Sheridan Ecrits:A Selection 1977 4.Lacan suggests such recognition when he refers to "the assumption of an alienating identity." From jubilation to alienation,the double movement of the mirror stage inaugurates the doubts about identity that haunt the human being throughout life 5.The ideal ego,a Lacanian term,exerts a conscious pressure towards sublimation and provides the coordinates which enable the subject to take up a sexual position as a man or woman.The ego ideal is the signifier operating as an ideal,an internalized plan of the law,the guide governing the subject's position in the symbolic order,and hence anticipates secondary (Oedipal) identification,or a product o 6.objet petit α (the object of desire),a term translated into English as "object (little) α",but Lacan insisted that it should remain un-translated,thus acquiring,as it were,the status of an algebraic sign.It is always lower case and italicized to show that it denotes the little other,in opposition to capital "A"of the big Other.It is conceived as the object of desire that the subject seeks in the o 7.Jacques Lacan The Agency of the Letter in the Unconscious or Reason since Freud 1977

本文读者也读过(7条) 1. 钟向阳 神秘主义抑或科学主义[期刊论文]-文教资料2009(19) 2. 张一兵.ZHANG Yi-Bing 伪"我要":他者欲望的欲望--拉康哲学解读[期刊论文]-学习与探索2005(3) 3. 张治国.ZHANG Zhi-guo 对"精英文学"若干问题的探讨[期刊论文]-襄樊学院学报2005,26(3) 4. 陈颖 不能动,无穷动:对《鸠摩罗什》的拉康式解读[期刊论文]-青春岁月2011(10) 5. 姬志海.李生滨 在"艺术复仇"的故事背后——再读《铸剑》[期刊论文]-宁夏大学学报(人文社会科学版) 2010,32(5) 6. 严泽胜 拉康与分裂的主体[期刊论文]-外国文学评论2001(4) 7. 岳晓泉 汉字创意与商标设计[期刊论文]-新疆师范大学学报(哲学社会科学版)2004,25(3)

引证文献(5条) 1.陈惠惠 怎样理解无意识是一个结构[期刊论文]-华章 2009(20) 2.李晓春 拉康主体理论视野下思想政治教育改革[期刊论文]-辽宁行政学院学报 2011(3) 3.周欣 在"他者"中构成自我——用拉康哲学进行的案例分析[期刊论文]-群文天地 2010(6) 4.王阿娜...
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