A Big Change

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A big change
Looking back on a childhood when I was a child, every sound, every move, every event, the first day of happiness, the first date, the first hurt. Everything together made who I am. I was thinking about the memories that was the most important for me. Is it the day when I met a new friend? Is it the day when I was crushed by someone? Or it is the day when I knew how to say “Mommy” for “Money”. It took a lot of time to think about my childhood memories. Every moments were important for me no matter it good or bad, sad or happy. Suddenly, I asked myself why I changed my mind to like English even if I have never liked it because it was a second language and I thought it was hard and not necessary for me.

It was a summer when I played Final Fantasy game for the first time. My older brother recommended me this game. So, I decided to play it. After the game started, I was shocked by the English language in the game and it made me felt like an idiot. Then, I ran to my bedroom to find a dictionary to translated it. I wanted to know what they said, thought, and what they want me to do. I had done this every time, every day, every moment playing this game until I found something strange. It wondered me a big surprised this game made my English skill better and I fell in love with learning English. Although, the game was over but I still learning English by playing another game and read many books. This was changed my attitude from ignorance in English to love it when I realized that I am happy to learn English and I want to say thank you to this game for giving me a good change.
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