A Better Tomorrow

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A Better Tomorrow
People who meet in castles and cathedrals, use handshakes and passwords to communicate, and perform strange rituals are, without doubt, a secret society. Freemasonry is the secret society mot famous in the world, almost every person has heard of this organization, whether it was in a movie, a book, or because someone they know belongs to the fraternity. Freemasonry, like every community, shares a commitment to a common goal with strong beliefs and specific ideas that direct their actions. Freemasonry is a worldwide fraternity that symbolizes ideals for a better tomorrow. Since the fraternity has been in the American Nation, it has been both a compliment and liability to the brotherhood that people saw the influence of Freemasonry, even where it didn’t exist. Some of the American Republican ideas looked like Masonic ideas; honorable civic mindedness, a high regard for learning and progress in society. In the words of Steven Bullock, Freemasonry “helped to give the new nation a symbolic core” because they share the same ideas as the republican government that seek to improve society. Thirteen of the thirty-nine signers of the constitution had been members of the fraternity, because the Masonic inspiring ideals that wakes the desire of others to find the same epitome. So it’s not surprising to find Masonic influences around the country. Charles Clyde Hunt said, “[Freemasons are] a vital spark in man that defies definition or description, so is there in Freemasonry a divine flame – a vital, living force that transcends all descriptions” with the purpose of influence others and make a better place for everyone. The main idea that guides the actions of the fraternity is finding and making members with liberty of mind, social responsibility and strong moral values. Because of the many fanciful interpretations people have made about masons, their ideas have become transverse. Masons emphasize personal study and self-improvement for a global...
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