A Better Plan

Topics: High school, Emergency management, Teacher Pages: 4 (2687 words) Published: October 28, 2014
Emergency Situation EDA 540 May 31, 2009 Abstract At (Blank) Elementary School it is common practice to perform various emergency plans during the school year. The author of this paper will explain and provide examples that prepare the faculty, staff and student body for certain issues that can arise during a regular school day. It is imperative that everybody be trained in their responsibilities and appropriate procedures and behaviors during these drills. In todays society, one cannot be too prepared for disastrous situations. Emergency Situation The author of this paper is employed by the (Blank) which is located in Texas and teaches at (blank) Elementary school. Upon review of the Policy and Procedures booklet, it appears that has addressed the numerous emergency issues. The question is, Do(BLANK)S schools implement the stated plans Obviously, since there are over 25 (28) schools in the system, the author of this paper can only respond to his immediate school situation ( bLANK website). As Stephen Covey states, Plan your week, each week, before the week begins (Covey, 2005, p. 162). It is very important as educators that we are prepared, both mentally and physically. Every aspect of the school day must be organized in such a way that anyone can come into that particular classroom and be able to function without a hitch. In these plans- faculty meetings, lunch schedules, school assemblies, building maintenance, teachers curricula, and so forth- principals must adhere to the organizing of all imminent school emergencies. After the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001, stakeholders attitudes toward their schools intensified. It is no longer acceptable to have poorly planned or no procedures in place at all. They must be planned, integrated and practiced before any crisis occurs. As Stephen Covey stated above, be prepared. Mrs. Smith, the school principal, stated, I want everyone in my school to be prepared for any situation. I would hate for...
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