A Better Environment for Our Future Generation

Topics: Human, Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, Carbon, Photosynthesis / Pages: 3 (556 words) / Published: Jun 29th, 2013
Environment is what sustains the life of all the living things that exist in the world. This is the reason why the environment has to ne conserved by all the people irrespective of their social, economic, color of skin or religion. All the people in any given society have an obligation to make sure that the environment is well taken care of. Failure to take care of the environment means that the entire populations will not have a place to live in the future.
The entire populations of all the species depend on one another for their survival. This is the reason why all the organisms need the environment for their survival because it provides all the things that all the living things needs for their survival. Most of foods that are eaten by the people come from the trees and the trees survive in a clean environment. If trees were to be eliminated, then the human race will also be eliminated. This is because people cannot survive without trees because they provide us with food and the nutrients that we need for our growth and survival.
Trees play a critical role in purifying the air that we breathe. Human beings and the other animals breathe in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. In order to ensure that there is enough oxygen in the atmosphere, trees take up the emitted carbon dioxide and purify it oxygen. This cycle ensures that there is enough oxygen in the atmosphere at all the times. However, what people may not know is that we have to maintain the environment that we live in order to make sure that this cycle continues by ensuring there are trees in our midst.
A clean environment results in reduced cases of sicknesses among the people who live in that society. This is a very good reason that should compel each person in the society to ensure that he maintains the environment that we live in. this can be done by ensuring that there are no toxic gases in the atmosphere which may lead to health complications among the people. Reducing cases of illnesses in the people

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