A Beautiful City

Topics: Philippines, Butuan City, Mindanao Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: November 16, 2008
Butuan city was the site of the first formal hoisting of the Philippine flag in Mindanao. And it was the home of the balanghais or butuan baots, famous pre-historic native boats in the southeast asia.

Butuan is situated in the northwestern part of the carag region. It is the seat of government of the region and serves as its trading center as well. The city’s strategic location makes it a natural gateway to the different prime destinations in the region.

Agusan provinces provided the people with easy means of transportation for trade and commerce encouraged settlement along its banks. The agusan river greatly helped the booming of the logging industry which earned butuan the name timber city of the south.

People in butuan are multi-lingual predominantly they speak Butuanon, Cebuano, and of course English.

Agusan river
- this is the biggest and longest river in Mindanao. A cruise along the river barangays reveals so much in butuans history, culture, art, and people. BALANGAY SHRINE MUSEUM
Just 5 kilometers from the City proper lies the graveyard of the Balangay 1 dated 320 A.D. or 1678 years old. This wooden plank-build and edge-pegged boats average 15 meters in length and 3 meters wide across the beam. To date, 9 Balangays have already been discovered in Ambangan, Libertad sites. Three have been excavated and others are still in Situ. BUTUAN NATIONAL MUSEUM

This museum is the repository of historical and cultural materials and artifacts that proves Butuan’s prehistoric existence and rich cultural heritage. There are two exhibit galleries. The Archaeological Hall and Ethnological Hall Specimens of stone crafts, metal crafts, woodcrafts, poteries, goldsmithing, burial coffins, and other archaeological diggings are exhibited. At the Ethnological Hall are exhibits of contemporary cultural materials the Butuanon or every Filipino for matter used for a living. BOOD PROMONTORY 1ST EASTER MASS ECO PARK

This historic site is where Magellan and his...
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