A Bear Called Paddington

Topics: Paddington Bear, London Paddington station, London Underground Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: April 19, 2006
A Bear Called Paddington

Characters: Mr. Brown, Mrs. Brown, Judy and Paddington the Bear Setting: Paddington, the car, the mall, Paddington Railway Station in London

Mr. and Mrs. Brown are on a railway platform at Paddington Station, they discover something strange near the bicycle rack. They are still waiting for their daughter Judy when they see that the strange thing is a little bear. It looks like a very unusual kind of bear, it is brown in color, a rather dirty brown, and it is wearing a most odd-looking hat with a wide brim. Paddington begins to talk with Mr. Brown. He explains to Mr. Brown that he is a very rare sort of bear and that he comes from darkest Peru. It talks about his journey to London. Paddington is here because his aunt Lucy had to go into a home for retired bears. The Browns call him " Paddington" because so far he had a Peruvian name which no one can understand. And finally they found him at Paddington Station. While Mrs. Brown meets Judy, Mr. Brown decides to go to the buffet with Paddington, who is very thirsty. Paddington is a bear who likes candy, marmalade buns and so on. Mrs. Brown and Judy arrive at the buffet too. Judy likes Paddington very much and asks her parents to take the little bear home as he doesn't know where to go. First Mr. Brown hesitates a long time, but then he agrees and they all go home. Paddington has a lot of adventures in the house of the Browns, like his first bath, which is a disaster. The water is hot and soapy and much deeper than he expected, he jumps in and has to stand on tiptoe in order not to drown. This is a dangerous experience! Or the next day on a shopping expedition, where he gets lost in the underground. There he has a lot of problems with the inspector because he stops the escalator. On another day Mr. Brown has won the first prize for his painting, and Paddington paints his own picture over it. Paddington experiences many things and he is always in trouble. But the Browns love him for all...
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