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Topics: World War I, Stanza, Soldier Pages: 3 (1129 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Bayonet Charge Controlled Assessment notes
1. Hughes uses a metaphor to present the conflict, when he describes soldier uniform as “raw seamed hot khaki”. The use of the word “raw” implies pain and suffering as well as being hot and uncomfortable. It shows the reader how badly the soldiers were treated in WW1 as even their uniforms caused discomfort. Every seam of the uniform is painful. 2. The riffle is personify as being “numb as a smashed arm” because it indicates horror of war. The word “smashed” symbolize violent, aggression and conflict.The word “smashed”also signify the violent verbs and actions. The word “numb” represent that he can’t feel anything and it is useless. The word“riffle” indicates conflict, violent, anger and useless. 3. At the end fear is personified as “his terror’s touchy dynamite”.The word “dynamite”symbolize mines- explosions of fear in the soldier and element of being deceived. Also dynamite is an explosive used in mines and to demolish tall, plus big buildings. Alliteration“t”represent lighting the dynamite of a bomb and it sound like a bomber timing like tic, tic, tic. And it also tell he have become a dangerous weapon himself because he lost his humanity. 4. Hughes uses ideas to show the conflict impact on nature when he describes hare as nature in this quote "threw up a yellow hare that rolled like a flame". In this quote Hughes is talking about nature and effect of nature. Also he is talking about hare is killed ,plus by that whole of the surrounding is destroyed. 5. Conflict is shown through the lack of patriotism. The patriotic tear that had brimmed in his eye it is shown in this quote "Sweating like molten iron from the centre of his chest". The poem clumsily seeks to convey the message that patriotism has given away to create visceral panic. 6. Personification shows the conflict in war in this quote "Bullets smacking the belly out of the air". This quote create violent and aggressive effect. It also suggest speed of...
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