A Banned Passion

Topics: Wuthering Heights, Catherine Earnshaw, Love Pages: 2 (881 words) Published: June 25, 2014
 The censorship of books in America is followed by a series of steps. The process of banning a book includes a parent or teacher complaining that a certain book is labeled unnecessary or inappropriate for students to be reading in a classroom, in which a school decides to take these books off of their library shelves and stop buying the books (Kelly). Also if a parent or school, usually challenged by a larger group, press any further to censor a book, the case is brought to the American Library Association to try to ban the book in other schools and libraries throughout the country. Though many states and schools forbid students to read Wuthering Heights in class because school legislatures deemed it inappropriate for students to read about the passionate love, the book can actually benefit readers, who can relate to the feelings of jealousy, cruelty, and forbidden love. The main characters of Wuthering Heights are Heathcliff, a gypsy-like man brought to Wuthering Heights as a child and eventually ends up owning it; Catherine Earnshaw, a woman Heathcliff falls in love with but eventually dies in childbirth; Edgar Linton, Heathcliff’s archenemy who marries Catherine; and Ellen Dean, a.k.a. Nelly, who is the narrator of the story. The overall conflict of the story is that Heathcliff has always loved Catherine, who also loves him, but never end up together because Catherine marries Edgar Linton instead to raise her status and wealth, and then dies soon after she confesses her love for Heathcliff. The conflict is resolved when Heathcliff dies and is buried next to Catherine, and each other’s spirits are together for all of eternity (Wuthering Heights). One theme in Wuthering Heights are the clash of elemental forces because the universe is made up of two opposite forces, storm and calm. Wuthering Heights and the Earnshaws express the storm and Thrushcross Grange and the Lintons represent the calm. Catherine and Heathcliff are elemental creatures of the storm....
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