Zyzz's Bodybuilding Bible

Topics: Muscle, Whey protein, Bodybuilding Pages: 38 (12052 words) Published: November 21, 2011
Zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible

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Table of Contents
Getting Aesthetic 7 Diet 13 Training 32 Supplements Lifestyle 53 Keto Diet 56 48

Re-Evaluating Your Needs 59 Dealing with a Plateau 61

Advanced Training Techniques63 Conclusion 66

Zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible

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Section One


While every effort has been made to ensure the information in this book is correct, you should consult a healthcare professional before undertaking any diet or exercise regime. Bodybuilding is not for everyone, and while most of the information in this book is considered to be backed by scientific research and personal experiences, bodybuilding is an evolving sport and over time some theories may be discredited. For this reason, no guarantees can be given in regards to results. No liability is assumed by Zyzz, the person, trademark, or management agency, and all use of this information is purely on the onus of the individual.

Zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible

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Thanks for purchasing Zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible. I’ll be covering off on everything from diet and training all the way through to what Supplements you should be taking, and even the lifestyle you should be living; all to get the body of your dreams. It doesn’t happen overnight, and you need to be realistic, but if you’re doing everything right then this is all scientifically proven to work, and I’ve also tried it all myself and gotten results. For those of you who are new to bodybuilding, this guide serves to inform you of everything you need to see results. You won’t need to search around the internet for answers, or get contradicting answers from bodybuilding mags, I’ll lay it out nice and simple for you. For those of you who have already been training and dieting consistently, this guide will show you how I do it, and you’ll hopefully be able to put together a more complete program, and achieve better results, even if it’s just stripping off those extra few pounds before summer. Good luck with this guide, hopefully you’ll learn something and take your body to the next level. I know that if I had all of this information back when I started, I’d be years ahead of where I am now. - Zyzz

Zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible

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Section Two

The Basics
Chapter 1: Getting Aesthetic

The Basics
Getting Aesthetic
Bodybuilding Myths
You can change the shape of your muscles
This isn’t physically possible. While you can improve the size of your muscles, and enhance your definition by lowering your body-fat, it’s impossible to alter the shape of your muscles by training in specific ways. Unfortunately you’re limited by genetics.

You can spot-reduce fat
Have you ever seen those infomercials that try to sell you something that will work your abs and reduce your bodyfat? It doesn’t work. Where you carry more fat is limited by genetics, what you can however do is reduce your overall bodyfat and your abs will follow.

High Reps make you ripped
While High Reps will increase your muscular endurance, they won’t actually help in altering your definition at all. This is completely a myth.

Train like a bodybuilder and look like a bodybuilder
So you think by training like Ronnie Coleman you’ll be able to look like him? Unfortunately not. Ronnie blessed with genetics you could only dream of. The up side is you can still make massive gains and look incredibly aesthetic, regardless of your genetics. Anyone can improve themselves.

Zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible

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All Fat is bad fat
Fat’s are an essential part of your diet, and not all fats are made equal. You will find out later in this book what the difference between the fats is, but the main thing to remember is, fats are absolutely essential.

You can get big and cut at the same time
It’s basically impossible to put on muscle while losing fat at the same time. While it can theoretically happen to a small extent, the results will be minimal. This is why...
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