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Dennis Sorokin
Assessment 4
“Wheels” Car App Marketing Plan and Promotional activity review The App: “Wheels” car repair knowledge and guide videos.Unique, is the term I would describe this product, as there is nothing like it on the application store to this present day unquestionably. Additionally the only automotive apps you see on the market are nowhere close to familiarity, as they are only closer related to GPS and car sales in general. Therefore in my opinion this app would be a success within the app market. The tools that are involved with this app are rather convenient for all car users, as car problems could happen at any time. This app would include a mass collection of many guide videos for all common and uncommon problems any car user would come across at any time via a database. It would also feature a quick search GPS system to the closest mechanical shop for the rather complicated solutions to complicated problems. Thus being said this app could be identified as a prerequisite to their complications involving car repairs, potentially a monopoly to the applications of mechanical repair and a back bone to all car users. Other features for this app has not been discussed as of yet. However this app could include many more features such as marine repairs, tool classification etc. All this application needs is to be identified as a crucial application. However, the apps biggest potential threat would be online forums, due to the fact anyone can just find the solution to their automotive problem just by accessing it online. Nevertheless it is time consuming and inconvenient giving this app an edge in these situations. Marketing activity

There are currently 3 marketing goals set forth for the App development team. increase of sales
improvement of product awareness
product establishment
Their method for achieving these goals are not exactly identified, however they have explained that through promotions, their app would gain a product...
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