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Topics: Logic, Critical thinking, Writing Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: September 28, 2014
Economics 3C03 Prof. Cuff Winter 2014

Written Assignment Grade: ____________________________________________ Organization ____ Information ____ Style ____

1. Organization of the written assignment (approximate weight 35%) Does the author clearly identify the objective of the briefing note? Is it clear how the author is achieving this objective? What would improve the briefing note?

2. Information and supportive/descriptive elements (approximate weight 35%) Does the author capture all of the relevant issues? How substantive are the descriptions of the various issues? How effectively does the author integrate and convey information about the object of the briefing note? What evidence was unhelpful & why?

3. Style (approximate weight 30%)
Is the briefing note written clearly and concisely in neutral scholarly or academic writing? Does the author effectively communicate a summary of the issues? Major Research Paper Grading Rubric Adapted from: R. Runté and K. Mazurek (2002) in Runte (2002) Managing Assessment in Inquiry-Driven Courses, presented at Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education meetings (June 2002). http://www.mcmaster.ca/cll/stlhe2002new/HTML/notes/runte2.html#Rubrics Available 15 November 2006).

A - EXCELLENT (80 - 100) - A Markedly Exceptional Performance originality, insight, and creativity are demonstrated; the paper goes beyond repeating what others have said and contributes something new to our understanding of the topic a comprehensive grasp of the subject matter is demonstrated, including an in-depth understanding of the relevant concepts, theories, and issues related to the topic addressed an awareness of differing viewpoints is demonstrated and a rigorous assessment of these undertaken where relevant an ability to think critically is demonstrated in the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of relevant information a thoughtful statement of...
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