Topics: Zoroastrianism, God, Zoroaster Pages: 3 (1188 words) Published: October 27, 2008
Zoroastrianism is a religion from ancient Iran whose theology has been up to much debate over the years by historians. Many saw this religion as a bridge between Eastern and Western religions. Zoroastrianism has been said to been practiced in Ancient Iran around 6th century B.C.E. This was one of the first monotheistic religions shining out among the clutter of polytheistic religions in the east and west. The worship was to maintain the natural order, truth, and righteousness of the universe. Zoroastrianism was founded by Zarathushtra a Persian prophet, would said he had a vision of a God named Ahura Mazda. He was known as the great reformer and lived about 1100 to 550 B.C.E. He was a trained priest in the Indo-Iranian tradition. Zarathushtra was a mystical speaker who spent many years in spiritual retreat. All throughout Iran he was know as Mazdayasna to the people who met and heard of his teachings. Zarathushtra believed in Ahura Mazda as the creator God. He believed he was pulled up to heaven and had a conversation with Ahura Mazda. Zarathushtra denounced all forms of cruelty, destruction, and hypocrisy. Ahura Mazda was said to create only good and should be worshipped by good thoughts and good deeds only. Adoration was showed to “the supreme” by rhythmic verses called Gathas. These have been the main source into the inside of Zoroastrian theology. Zoroastrianism was first spread and accepted by King Vishtapa in his state and has the required religion for 50 years until his death. Over the years the spread of Zoroastrianism has been a very difficult process and faced many threats to it existence. Many Jews adapted beliefs of the religion to the Jewish principles practiced over the years in the Jewish religion. In 331 B.C.E. spiritual devotion to Ahura Mazda was threatened by invasion of Alexander in Iran. He destroyed temples, burned libraries and holy scriptures, and killed man Zoroastrian priests. The religion was re-established in an...
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