Zoos; Prisons or Sanctuaries

Topics: Extinction, Human, Animal Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Zoos: Prison or Sanctuary
Zoos! The word itself brings a sense of fun and joy to many of the human race. From children to adults, all enjoy the entertainment of seeing animals and birds in a zoo. From small birds to huge elephants, royal tigers and naughty monkeys, all sizes of fauna are present in a zoo. When a person goes to a zoo, they will usually find kids screaming or shouting with fright and joy, and adults saying ooh and aah with astonishment. Most people are excited every time, but are the animals always so enthusiastic. No. They are many a time sleeping, pacing, eating and also ignoring humans sometimes, as if we are nothing but a minor disturbance to them, but why. Is it because we have put them in a cage and imprisoned them? Unfortunately, we can’t tell because the technique for reading animal’s minds has not been discovered yet. I can bet & say that 90% of people who visit a zoo do not think about how the animal is feeling being the centre of attention. There are people with different opinions and views on this issue of whether zoos are a prison for animals, or whether they are a home. I believe in a way both are right. Shouldn’t animals have a right to stay in their natural habitat if they want to? Just because they can’t speak out their mind like us, we don’t have a right to keep them in an enclosed space. This puts a stop to their daily routine in the wild and spoils a lot of their natural characteristics and habits. It an animal’s offspring is born and brought up in a zoo, it might be a different case. Humans can’t just catch animals or birds and throw them into a completely new locked place, where they can’t explore. Famous big zoos are rare and unique because these take extra care and give animals a natural habitat, but nowadays new and cheap zoos are opening that do not treat the animals well and do not care for them, like not giving enough food, small cage, lashing the animals. They think of animals as nothing but money bringers....
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