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By jjoyce Dec 14, 2010 339 Words
Should animals be kept in captivity at zoos? or should they be out in the wild where they live? Today, I will tell you about the pros and the cons of keeping wild animals in zoos. Today more and more people are becoming aware of the truth behind working of zoos.

Zoo is short for "zoological garden". A zoological garden is a place where living animals are kept and exhibited. Zoos have been around since 1500 B.C. Its purpose has changed with time. Originally, owning and displaying exotic animals was a way of showing off wealth and power. But In the 1800's the purpose began to change. Animals were displayed for entertainment and educational value. But today the primary goal of a zoo is to conserve the species. There are 370 Zoos including Aquariums in America, according to

Keeping animals in captivity has been practiced since very long. Zoos are primarily entertainment based. Zoos gives the public a chance to connect and learn about things they would have never had the chance to before. Zoos have also transformed greatly over the years. They are changing from the old concrete and steel pits or cages of the past to wide lush open habitats with live plants and waterfalls. Zoos also work with a lot of rescue projects with injured wildlife as well as breed and release programs with endangered species. With breeding there are many zoos who work together with the US govt as well as programs around the world to breed endangered species and release those that are born back out into the wild to help with new healthy blood lines.

On the other hand, there are people such as P

In conclusion, I won't say if they should stay or not, but instead, I think that wherever animals are, they will always be hunted. Animals are like humans, but we are more intelligent. If it were the opposite, do you think animals would keep us in a zoo?

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