zombie Apocalypse

Topics: Human body, Brad Dourif, Human anatomy Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: September 23, 2014
I had just woken up from a my sleep. I look outside at the window to see lots of smoke and see cars parked in the middle of the street. “mom!” I yelled out. I see my mother come in the door with blood coming out of her mouth. She then yelled out a terrifying growl. She then comes running at me. At that point I knew that she was dead and had became a zombie. I had dodged her leap, but she jumped out the window head first. I had then realized that I was by on my own. I had walked out of my house to see blood on the floor. human body parts being eaten or just laying on the ground. all of a sudden a zombie lunges toward me and drops me to the ground. he then falls on me and tries to eat me. after a few moments i was ready to give up and accept my fate. all of a sudden I hear a gunshot. “BOOM!” a soldier comes up to me and says “are u alright?” “yes, Im fine,” I said.

“Are u bit or scratched?” he asked. then beginning to point the gun to my head. I was not sure if I was infected. I began to check myself and found no injuries. “no,” i said. he then begins to lower the gun and double checks me. he told. there has been a viral outbreak and the whole world is dying. or at least that is what he told me
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